New this year! Defense Soap!

At camp this year, we will be offering Defense Soap products. Defense Soap has been promoting the benefits of natural ingredients for use in cleaning skin infections for more than ten years and is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of natural soaps containing clinically proven ingredients known to clean skin infections.

Defense Body Wipes
$8.99 at camp (40 count)
Defense Original Bar
$5.99 at camp
Defense Shower Gel
$8.99 at camp
Defense Gel Travel Kit
Includes bag, gel, wipes, and loofa
$30.00 at camp

Camp Rules

  • Attend all sessions – attendance will be taken every session
  • Be on time for and ready at the start of every session
  • If you are sick or injured you must still report to each session and contact a trainer immediately
  • You may not leave campus for any reason unless accompanied by an authorized member of our camp staff
  • You must be in the dorm by 10:30pm or immediately following the last camp session
  • You must be in your own room by 11:00pm for bed check
  • Any lost key is to be reported to a coach immediately. The fee for a lost key is $50.00
  • Shower after every session and wear clean gear, if you need to do laundry find the designated camp laundry facility
  • You will be dismissed from camp for any of the following;
    • Anything associated with hazing
    • Alcohol/drugs/tobacco
    • Missed sessions
    • Having unauthorized visitors in your dorm room
    • Having visitors of the opposite sex in your room
    • Being in the room of a camper of the opposite sex
    • If you are out of the dorm after 11:00pm
    • Disrespecting other campers/camp staff, other camper’s personal items, or camp facilities
  • Understand that everything you do while at Virginia Tech is a direct reflection of the Virginia Tech wrestling program, your school, parents and coaches. Please and thank you go a long way while you are at Virginia Tech

What to Bring

  • Pillow, towels, swim trunks (open swim), shorts, t-shirts, running shoes, wrestling shoes and alarm clock.
  • Coin-operated laundry facilities are available on campus. VT wrestling gear will be sold in our camp store during registration, check-out and throughout the week.

Optional Laundry Service
(Only available for Intensive Training Camps)

For our Intensive Training Camps, we offer an optional laundry service for $35. Campers will be provided a laundry loop that will hold up to three sets of work out gear. The dirty laundry will be picked up at the morning wrestling session and returned clean later in the day.


All dorms will be air-conditioned for all camps. There will be two campers to a dorm room. Please list on the registration application campers who would like to room together. Please note that listing a roommate preference does not guarantee enrollment of the roommate in camp. We do our best to meet roommate requests but cannot guarantee you will room with the person you request. In the event that we are not able to accommodate your request, we will attempt to assign rooms so all campers are on the same floor and near each other. If no roommate preference is indicated, campers will be assigned a roommate. We cannot guarantee entire teams or campers from a single school will be housed on the same floor. Campers will be required to put down a $50 key deposit at check-in, which will be refunded at the conclusion of camp with the returned key. Campers are financially responsible for any damages they cause to their rooms or other university property.

Virginia Tech's Nationally Renowned Dining Facilities

Meals will be provided at the award winning Virginia Tech D2 Dinning Hall. Virginia Tech Dinning Services are ranked 1st nationally among US colleges. Meals for overnight campers will begin with dinner on the first night and end with breakfast on the last day. Commuters will receive lunch and dinner each day of camp. If you are attending one of our 30 Man Training Camps as a commuter you will receive ALL meals (including breakfast).

Medical and Insurance Info

It is our policy that all camp participants must provide proof of medical insurance. If you can not provide proof of a current medical insurance policy you can not attend any Tony Robie Wrestling Camps. A certified athletic trainer will on duty at all times. Because of the rigorous daily schedule, each camper is encouraged to come to camp in top physical condition.

Download Medical Waiver

Camper Guide

The Camper Guide contains everything you need to know about camp, including packing list, background check info (for attending adults), meals, and more!

2019 Camper Guide

Check-In and Check-Out

See the camp schedule below for check-in and check-out times for the camp you are attending. You will receive a camp confirmation and details email prior to the start of camp with pertinent information.

2019 Check-in Details (updated 7/20)

Refunds and Session Changes

All requests for refund or session changes must be received by email or fax. All deposits are nonrefundable (NO EXCEPTIONS). If a camper withdraws from the camp for any reason up until 14 days prior to the start of that camp session, tuition will be refunded less the deposit amount. If a camper withdraws after 14 days prior to the start of camp refunds will be considered on an individual basis. If a camper withdrawls after 7 days prior to camp NO refunds will be granted. If a camper withdraws from camp for any reason after camp has begun NO refund will be granted. If a refund is granted payment will NOT be processed until after the conclusion of our entire summer camp season. Refunds most likely will NOT be received until sometime in the month of August.

Camper Discounts

  • Early Registration Discount by March 15: $10 (Team Camp, Middle School Camp, Skills and Drills), $30 (Intensive Camp)
  • Sibling Discount: $10
  • Team Camp Discount $10 (group of ten or more); Intensive Camp $30 (group of five or more)

NOTE: Sibling and Team discounts will be applied when camps start and appropriate refunds will be issued.

Coach Registration

All coaches are invited and encouraged to accompany their team to camp. Prices for coaches are based on how many wrestlers they bring the number of coaches attending from a team.

# of Campers 1st Coach Additional Coaches