30-Man Camp

Dates: 6/24-6/29 and 7/15-7/20
Cost: Commuter - $575; Resident (Non A/C) - $695

This camp is open to any and all wrestler’s grades 9 through 12 and is limited however to first 30 participants who enroll. The camp is designed for only those wrestlers who are VERY serious about the sport of wrestling and are committed to the training and lifestyle necessary to succeed at the highest level. Campers will train along side the Virginia Tech wrestling team and will experience a typical week of training for a Division I wrestler. Wrestlers who consider this camp should recognize that they will be in a training environment that will challenge their mental toughness, physical condition and wrestling abilities. Campers attending are advised to show up in great physical shape.

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Team Camp

Dates: 7/11-7/14
Cost: Commuter - $325; Resident Non A/C - $415; Resident A/C - $435

This camp is designed around individual competition while using a TEAM CONCEPT that allows campers to participate with their team. If you attend camp as an individual or in a small group you will be placed on a team. This camp will consist of both competition (dual meets/individual tournament) and technique sessions. All technique will be taught by the Virginia Tech coaching staff or the upper classmen on the Hokie wrestling team. Each camper will be guaranteed between 12 and 18 matches. We have one of the top team camps on the East coast. In 2015 more than 500 campers and 38 teams attended this camp.

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Top of the Podium Camp

Dates: 7/11-7/20
Cost: Commuter - $879; Resident Non A/C - $999

Our Top of the Podium Camp is designed with the most dedicated and serious wrestlers in mind. If you are looking for both great competition and COLLEGE LEVEL TRAINING this is the camp for you. The first four days of camp, campers will participate in our High School Team Competition Camp where they will get 12-15 live matches combined with approximatley four hours of technique (if you attend this camp as an individual you will be placed on a team). At the conclusion of our Team Competition Camp, campers will roll right into our 30 Man Training Camp for some very serious training. See descriptions of both our Team Competition Camp and 30 Man Training Camp for more details.

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Skills & Drills Camp

Dates: 7/15-7/18
Cost: Commuter - $330; Resident A/C - $450

This camp is designed for all wrestlers regardless of age or experience level. Campers will be taught wrestling skills in all three positions (neutral, top, bottom). Coach Tony Robie has personally designed a curriculum to teach the skills needed to become a great middle or high school wrestler. Campers will be grouped based on experience so they can lean at their own pace. Each day campers will have three technique sessions. For those looking for some hard nosed wrestling an additional optional open mat time will be provided where campers can train along side the Hokie wrestling team. Each day will have at least one recreational activity (swimming, bowling, billiards, arcade, etc).

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